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Consider the Big Benefits of Using Nevaya TV


Nevaya TV’s innovative features and cloud-based technology make it an extremely affordable, highly-competitive, premium product in the hotel software market.


Nevaya TV is adaptable to the unique requirements of your business, with a selection of clearly defined package options available to best suit your

Increase RevPAR.

Create new opportunities to increase your RevPAR, communicating in-house promotions direct to your target audience.


Installation is simple and takes only 3 minutes per room. Nevaya TV does not require costly hardware and therefore minimises maintenance issues and cost.

Multi-tenanted control.

Versatile functionality allows Nevaya TV to be applied in various locations with ease. The unique portal access allows the screen-display to be controlled either locally or as a central control for multiple venues.

Simple process.

Nevaya TV’s dedicated portal makes it simple to login and manage your displays with ease, while our support team are also available to directly
assist with any further information.

New revenue opportunities.

With Nevaya TV your business can advertise services and generate revenue. Think of the possibilities to upload your promotional artwork and generate revenue from third party advertising.

Enhanced guest experience

Premium content and intuitive screen-mirroring technology allows guests to
enjoy their in-room entertainment exactly as they choose.

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