Swish Music + Signage Solution

Unleash the Power Swish Hospitality’s
Dynamic Music Solution

Elevate your licensed venue’s entertainment experience with Swish Hospitality’s cutting-edge Music Solution. Our automated business music, messaging, and entertainment system offers a multitude of features that will revolutionize your venue’s atmosphere. With our Music Solution, you can effortlessly construct captivating audio and video programming, ensuring an immersive and engaging experience for your valued customers.

Consider the Big Benefits of Using Nevaya TV

Elevate the ambiance of your venue with automated business music, messaging, and entertainment

Enjoy complete control over audio and video programming, creating customized playlists to cater to different customer groups.

Enhance customer engagement with custom on-screen digital advertising and personalized screen frames.

Increase sales and promotion awareness by displaying promotional videos, images, announcements, and menu boards.

Tap into the $10 billion karaoke industry without the need for a karaoke operator.

Access a vast library of pre-loaded playlists and regularly updated chart lists.

Simplify content management with a user-friendly layout and built-in image editor.

Utilize powerful scheduling features to automate playlists, advertisements, and announcements.

Ensure 100% legal content usage rights and a worry-free playback solution for your venue.

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